Making available to others that which I have learned over years of work driven by my passion is the logical consequence of the path I have chosen. Since childhood, the world and history of costumes and fashion have always been the focus of my interests.

First and foremost, I continue to learn and the enthusiasm that I feel discovering and experimenting with new techniques and tricks focused on improving one’s image, leads to the natural and spontaneous desire to share them.

Training allows me to create awareness about the importance of image, which mistakenly continues to be considered an ephemeral detail.



We live in a very competitive world, in which millions of people are doing the same job. Finding that distinctive character, making an impression, is the key element that makes the difference between remaining anonymous to fight the price war and building your own unique character or brand, based on solid scientific foundations and values.

My goal is to offer clients and businesses the knowledge and skills required to develop creative solutions in the construction and operation of a fashion brand; helping them discover that essence and uniqueness in themselves and in their clients; directing them on a path that allows them to define their own style, all thanks to the educational resources which I continuously pursue for my personal development, and which I transfer to my clients in the workshops.