I am Isabella Ratti, Style Coach with an Italian heart and a wayfaring soul.

In Milan, I feed on the adrenaline of the runways. In Lugano, I cultivate balance.

I have been designing clothes ever since I was a child. Today, I help people and companies draw their own picture, transforming imperfections and flaws into strengths.


My days fly by in a tireless search between aesthetics and practicality, between finding a harmonious synthesis of elegance and comfort.

Elegance is my passion and my goal, because I love fashion and I want to convey the subtle pleasure felt in the presence of good taste and beauty to as many people as possible.

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That is elegance.

I lighten up fashion, relieving it of that weight associated with clothes designed only to turn heads and get noticed at all costs.

I help restore that delicate poetry which makes fashion a choice of style and personality, teaching people that charisma and a sense of authority are created through subtle details.


My mantra is making fashion democratic.

I bring fashion and the general public close together, placing utmost value on the image of people as individuals, as they really are, helping them to express their identity with pride and logic, and to respect their bodies, without falling prey to everyday aesthetic rules and principles, instead emphasising their strengths and natural resources.


I place my intuition at the service of people, professionals and business, a deep instinct that guides me to understand what’s in the air, anticipating trends and capturing the signals offered by a boundless global market.

A demanding gift that must be handled with intelligence and great attention, in order to maintain that fine balance between the dictates of fashion and personal uniqueness.


Fashion is my life: I breathe it in when I work with top designers to express the uniqueness of garments and accessories; I breathe it out in the excitement of the shows that I organise.

I talk about it because I help create it.

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I am Isabella Ratti, a Style Coach with an Italian heart and a nomadic soul. In Milan, the adrenaline drains in the animation of fashion shows, Lugano cultivates balance. As a child I designed clothes, today I help people and companies draw their image, transforming imperfections and defects into strengths.

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